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Pennsylvania Jury Awarded $32.8 Million Brain Injury Verdict


A jury in Chester County, Pennsylvania recently awarded a historic $32.8 million verdict to a 3-year-old plaintiff and her mother – the largest reported verdict in Chester County in 20 years. The child suffers from severe cerebral palsy, which was caused by significant brain damage during an emergency C-section. Compensation consisted of $800,000 for loss of future earnings, $1 million for past and future non-economic damages, and $31 million for future medical expenses.

According to court documents, two employees of Phoenixville Hospital were found to be negligent for not timely notifying physicians that the child’s fetal heart rate had dropped to dangerous levels approximately two hours after she had been admitted. Medical experts testified that decreased blood flow caused by an infant’s heart deceleration, can contribute to decreased oxygen delivery and increase risks of brain injury and death.

Ultimately, the treating physician was dismissed and the Hospital itself was included in the judgment, rendering the hospital solely responsible, financially, for the compensation. Such a verdict is reassuring to medical malpractice victims and advocates in need of holding negligent health care providers responsible for causing them preventable harm.

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