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Doctor Held Liable for $900,000 in Damages After a Baby Suffers a Serious Birth Injury


In July 2015, a three-judge panel confirmed a case of delivery room negligence, which held one doctor liable for about $900,000 in damages. At the conclusion of the case, the panel ruled that the doctor breached the standard of care...

How the Right Doctor Can Reduce Your Chances of Medical Negligence


For some, visiting the doctor can be a daunting task. That is why finding a good, knowledgeable, and reputable doctor is extremely important. Not only will your checkups and other visitations feel more comfortable, you will feel more confident in...

The Risks of Misinterpreted Diagnostic Tests


There are a number of medical errors that can leave a person detrimentally injured and harmed. While some can be minor errors, others can affect a person’s life forever, or in the worst cases, cause death. In some cases, patients...

Can I Sue a Nursing Home for Bedsores?

Can I Sue a Nursing Home for Bedsores

Bedsores, also called pressure sores or decubitus ulcers, can be very painful and serious. Sadly, this type of injury is very common among elderly hospital patients and residents of nursing homes. Nearly one-fourth of nursing home residents develop bedsores at...

Joint Tortfeasors: When More Than One Is to Blame for Your Accident


When more than one party is potentially liable for causing an accident that caused injuries to another, those parties are called joint tortfeasors. How important is it to determine who exactly the joint tortfeasors are? This determination will greatly impact...

Who is At Fault When You Get Faulty Medication?


This past year has seen an outbreak of meningitis that has spread nationwide. The meningitis was connected to tainted steroids produced at a Framingham drug compounding pharmacy and have led to many lawsuits accusing pharmacy malpractice, general negligence, breach of...

Wrong Site Surgery Still Occurs


The Joint Commission has been working to prevent Wrong Site Surgery (WSS) since 1998. They have come up with an initiative to prevent WSS using a checklist, the Universal Protocol, which contains several important changes in procedure: Prior to every...

What Professional Standards Apply to Physicians in Malpractice Cases?


The plaintiff brought her husband to the hospital for shortness of breath. Upon examination by a physician, the husband was not admitted — he was sent home with instructions to see a pulmonary specialist. He died two days later while...

How Do I Know If It’s Malpractice?


Not every bad medical outcome results from bad medical practice. For example, some surgeries have widely-acknowledged high rates of failure, but patients and surgeons opt for the procedure anyway because the alternative — often doing nothing — offers even less...

If You Didn’t Chart It, You Didn’t Do It


Malpractice cases often hinge on the quality of the medical documentation related to the care of the plaintiff. Solid medical documentation shares several qualities. It is straightforward, consistent, in chronological order, and reasonably complete. If the doctors and nurses involved...

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